Applying data science
to explore and solve problems
Find and solve the problem through Data Science

The Data-Driven Approach

Big data usually represents high volume, high velocity, and high variety information. Our core competence is using data science techniques to analyze and retrieve the value from big data. We employ a five stage process to develop our products (smart IoT applications) and also provide customized IoT technology solution and big data research for helping our clients solve their individualized problem.
1.Problem Analysis
The data scientists at Taiwan Bigdata Inc. will collaborate with the domain experts (aka your team) to analyze the problem context and identify the potential influential variables needed to explain the problem.
2.Data collection
Our data engineers help to collect the data from the problem context by using subjective and/or objective measurement methods.
3.Data analysis
We apply scientific techniques to analyze the collected data and retrieve valuable information from the data.
4.Algorithm and model development
We develop high reliability and repeatable precision algorithm/models to interpret the problem, and even to predict the future state of the problem.
5.Data Visualization
We develop custom data visualization solutions, to help you easily to understand patterns in your data. The visualized data also helps your team to monitor and control the problem context efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

The goal of Taiwan Big Data’s artificial intelligence engineering team is to help equip machines with human capabilities in order to assist in, and even to replace, human tasks. Our artificial intelligence team focuses on developing machines with three levels of human ability -- Sensation, Comprehension, and Projection.

Our hardware and firmware engineers are experienced in implementing many kinds of data sensors (sound, light, visual, smell, vibration, temperature, humidity et al.,) to help AI equipped machines be aware of the situational context, like a human in a data-driven approach.
Our data scientists apply both deductive and inductive reasoning algorithms to teach the machines to retrieve useful information from collected data sets.
A well-trained machine will be very stable and efficient for processing the man-given algorithms in performing decision making and future projection tasks. A machine that is designed with self-learning mechanisms will also learn things by themselves from the problem context, and help itself to upgrade it's abilities automatically.

Our Customized Services

Taiwan Bigdata specializing in Internet Technology and Data Science domain's research and development, and we provide different solutions to help our client to solve any problems through Big Data integration.
Customized data science solutions support / consultancy
We provide experienced scientists and data engineers to consult with clients, employing applied data-driven processes and methods in order to solve our clients’ domain problems.
Cloud data analysis system provisioning service
Our cloud server architects have more than ten years of experience in dealing with large-scale and worldwide distribution internet service. We can provision cloud computing servers for clients and configure/ stand up data analysis systems for clients on those servers.
Customized web platform and mobile application development
We also design and develop web platforms as well as mobile Apps for our clients according to their custom requirements and their business goals.
Wearable electronics and IoT devices development
We collaborate with international-level hardware and firmware technical partners to help our clients in developing sensor-based products, artificial intelligence systems, as well as O2O(online-to-offline) cross platform products.

Proven Experience

Data science is a cross-disciplinary research area. To better solve a problem requires not only data science techniques but also background domain knowledge. Our team is already experienced in developing applications in the following fields.
Intelligent HealthCare
Sample Work: We’ve developed a cloud-based IoT system to sense the physical status of a diaper attached to a wearer, and predict the timing to replace the diaper in order to prevent diaper rash. The system can notify care-givers (parents or nurses) to let them know the best timing for changing a wet diaper.
Health Promotion
Sample Work: We implemented a fitness/health mobile application that connects with a wearable device to support people's weight-management activities. The application also applies both social-network and gamification principles for enhancing the motivation of people in doing such weight management activities, for example, allowing a user to easily post that .
Sample Work: We are currently developing a mobile application that collects and analyzes investor's trading behaviors in the real stock market. The system will learn how to perform trading strategy planning, decision-making, and investment actions by analyzing the behaviors of high-performance investors. The ultimate goal of the system will be to consider various variables simultaneously in a dynamic investment environment and become an agent to provide automatic trading services to regular people.
Persuasive Advertising

Sample Work: A system that provides a distributed framework to collect customers' branding preferences and product requirements for their lifestyle from both online world and physical world data. By analyzing customers preferences for content presentation format, their available time and their current devices, the recommendation algorithm will create a customer-specific, convincing advertisement and broadcast it to the customer, dramatically improving ad conversion rates.

No matter what the domain your problem resides in, our data scientists will collaborate with your team to solve your problem based on your domain knowledge. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.